Curriculum Vitae

Professional experiences

Institute of Experimental Botany Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, since 2016

  • Transcriptome and hormonome of male gametophyte in the evolutionary context
  • Evolution of pollen specific genes

Department of Taxonomy, Institute of Botany Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 1999 - 2018

  • Research areas: phylogeny, evolution and taxonomy of plants
    1. Evolution of the cytokinin coding genes
    2. Phylogeny and evolution of the Juncaceae
    3. Phylogeography of Saxifraga rosacea
  • Supervision of student projects and theses
  • Methods: phylogenetic analyses, molecular analyses, taxonomic expertise

Centre for Applied Genomics, Department of Genomics and Bioinformatics, Institute of Molecular Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (part time job), 2007 - 2011

Department of Taxonomy, Institute of Botany Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (student worker), 1997-1999

Teaching practical lessons from “Systematic and evolution of vascular plants” at Charles University Prague, 2001-2002

Teaching lesson “Molecular taxonomy of plants” during Biosystematics course at Charles University Prague, 2002


2003 - PhD. in Botany, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University Prague and Institute of Botany AS CR (Research on phylogeny and evolution of the Juncaceae family)

1999 - MSc. in Systematic and Ecology of Vascular Plants, Faculty of Science, Charles University Prague (Thesis about population analysis of Saxifraga rosacea - thesis successfully defended for RNDr. degree in 2000

1997 - BSc. in Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University Prague


2006 - SYNTHESYS: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 4 weeks

2006 - SYNTHESYS: The Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, 6 weeks

2004 - BMBG Berlin-Dahlem, IOPI Juncaceae Checklist remote editor training, 1 week

2001 - COBICE: Botanical institute University of Copenhagen, 3 months

2001 - SYS-RESOURCE: Natural History Museum and Royal Botanic Garden Kew, Jodrell Laboratory, 6 weeks

1999 - Hugo de Vries Laboratory, Amsterdam, training in methods of analysis of DNA, 1 week

Professional certified courses

2022 - Data visualization in R, Prague, 4 days

2019 - RNASeq data analysis workshop, Prague, 5 days

2016 - Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência – Oeiras, Portugal, NGS Data Analyses - RNASeq and ChiPSeq analyses, 1 week

2012 - Communication and popularization of Science

2011 - How to communicate Science, Technological and economical competence for European research area

2011 - Workshop on Comparative Genomics, University of Maryland, 2 weeks

2009 - Eukaryotic genome annotation and analysis course, J. Craig Venter Institute, Rockville, 3 days

2009 - Recombinant proteins and proteomics, Merck, 1 day

2009 - Workshop on Molecular Evolution, University of Maryland, 3 weeks

2008 - Expression of recombinant proteins, Merck, 1 day

2002 - Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência – Oeiras, Portugal, Bioinformatics Course, 1 week

Editorial work

since 2018 - Nová Botanika, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

2013-2017 - Botanika, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

1999-2004 - IOPB Newsletter with J. Kirschner



Peer-review for international scientific journals (Annals of Botany, Biologia, BMC Plant Biology, FEBS Journal, FEMS Microbiology Letters, Folia Geobotanica, Nature Protocols, Plant Systematics and Evolution, Preslia, South African Journal of Botany, Systematic Botany, Taxon, etc.); Grant evaluation for Czech grant agencies – South Bohemian University; Czech Science Foundation, Grant Agency of South Bohemia University; Reviewer of Habilitation Theses.

Member of committees

2010-2015 - Willi Hennig Society, Committee for student presentations evaluation

2011-2015 - Marie Stopes Student Travel Award

2012-2015 - Kurt Milton Pickett Intercontinental Travel Awards

Symposia organized

2006 - International phylogenetic workshop: Phylogenetic Analysis: Theory and Practice Workshop of the Willi Hennig Society in Průhonice


Project leader of eight projects funded by Czech Science Foundation (4; 206/07/P147, P506/11/0774, 16–14649S, 19-02699S), European Union Framework Program (4; FP5 - SYS-RESOURCE, COBICE and FP 6 - SYNTHESYS) and Grant Agency of Charles University (1).

Travel grants for active presentation of results at international conference and field trips were founded by Czech Literal Foundation (5; 2006-2010) and Monocots III./Grasses IV. Scientific organizing committee (1; 2003).

Participation in seven projects founded by Czech Science Foundation (6) and Higher Education Development Fund (1) including taxonomic study of Taraxacum, Key to the flora of the Czech Republic and Flora of the Czech Republic.


Forty-four publications in peer-review journals (Web of Science: H-index 17, papers have been cited in 844x; Google Scholar: H-index 20,  i10-index 32, papers have been cited in 1337x, 1. 1. 2024), eight in peer-review not in WoS, six book chapters. For details see

Six invited lectures; eighteen papers and eighteen posters at international scientific conferences (evolution, phylogeny, systematics, molecular biology, physiology).