Selected Abstracts

Kirschner J., Drábková L. & Djavadi S. B. (2005): Juncus alpigenus K. Koch, a new species for Iran. - OT Sistematik Botanik Dergisi 11/1: 11-18.

Abstract: Juncus alpigenus K. Koch is reported to occur in the province of Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran. The species was previously recorded from the countries of the Caucasus and NE Turkey. The species belongs to Juncus sect. Ozophyllum, the Juncus atratus group, which is characterized by prominent longitudinal ridges on leaves. Relationships of Juncus alpigenus with similar species, particularly with the closely related Juncus thomasii are discussed.

Keywords: Juncus sect. Ozophyllum, Juncus alpigenus, Juncus atratus, Juncus thomasii, Juncaceae, Iran

Drábková L. (2000): The occurrence of Saxifraga rosacea Moench subsp. sponhemica (C.C. Gmelin) D. A. Webb on scree slopes in the Czech Republic.- Acta Univ. Purkyn., Ústí n. L. biol., 4: 47-52.

Abstract: The article summarises the occurence of Saxifraga rosacea on scree slopes in the Czech Republic. S. rosacea is a competitive weak species occupying places without other plants, characterized by a low soil and organic material content. Basalt scree slopes appears to be more suitable for S. rosacea then phonolite sites. Nevertheless, secondary occurrences may be suitable sites for this species, too.

Keywords: Saxifraga rosacea, S. rosacea subsp. sponhemica, S. rosacea subsp. steinmannii, scree slopes, glacial relict

Drábková L. (1999): Saxifraga rosacea - rediscovered species from National park Podyjí/Thayatal. [Saxifraga rosacea - znovuobjevený taxon NP Podyjí/Thayatal]. - Thayensia (Znojmo): 2: 127-129.

Abstract: The distribution of Saxifraga rosacea Moench in the Czech Republic is connnected with a few areas: České středohoří, Český kras, Střední Povltaví and Zeleznobrodské Podkrkonoší. Some localities are in the Doupovské vrchy hills and in the Křivoklátsko area. The last herbarium specimens are from the ending of the last century (Zabela 1872, Oborny 1882) with inaccurate localization between Vranov and Hardegg. A new locality of Saxifraga rosacea was found in the region Moravské podhůří Vysočiny on the Vranov rock.

Keywords: Saxifraga rosacea, distribution, south Moravia, National Park Podyjí/Thayatal