Viktorie Brožová, MSc.

1st project: Molecules and morphology in concert? Phylogenetic relationships and evolution within cyperids (Open Science III., Academy of Sciences, 2012 - 2014)

2nd projekt: Phylogenetic and evolutionary relationships in cyperids: Correlation among molecular and morphological signals (MSc. University of South Bohemia, 2015-2018)

  Foto © Klára Vohlídková




Michaela Křenková

Project: Exploring the journey from the plant to gene and back (Open Science V., Academy of Sciences, 2017)


Danka Do (Do Hoang Diep)

First project: Barcoding of Life - utopia or reality? Comparing study of molecular markers on the example of Juncaceae family (Open Science II., Academy of Sciences, 2011)

  • AMAVET - Winner of the National student competition 2012

  • Participant in the international student competition Intel ISEF in Phoenix, USA, 2013

  • Secondary School Scientific Competition in Biology - 2nd position in the National competition, 2013

Second project: Resolving phylogenetic relationships within Juncaceae (Open Science III., Academy of Sciences, 2012-13)

Third project: The study of the suggested molecular markers for DNA barcoding of the Juncaceae family (Open Science Praha, Academy of Sciences, 2014)

Member of the Juncaceae Phylogenetic Group


Kamila Machová, MSc.

1st project: Molecular study of plant hormones coding genes from the cytokinin group (Open Science Praha, AV ČR, 2013)

2nd project: Population history of glacial relic. A case study of Saxifraga rosacea (Open Science IV., AV ČR, 2014)

Foto © Jiří Šmíd